Engadine and Sankt-Moritz – A Visual Diary

While in Sankt-Moritz, one thing that absolutely needs to be done, is a walk around the frozen lake. It’s great for fitness and relaxation. The breathtaking views will and the frosty temperatures will clear your head and after the walk you will feel tired, but energised.

After the walk, I recommend going to the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel for a drink called Swiss Hot Chocolate. It’s insanely rich and insanely delicious: no hot chocolate will match this one after you tried it. The hotel is an institution in St. Moritz and is one of the 5* hotels there. Read on for further tips…



Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, Via Serlas 27, 7500 St. Moritz https://www.badruttspalace.com/en

In terms of mountain restaurants I would recommend the Salastrains with it’s gorgeous sun terrace and a very vast and very well prepared menu. The food is delicious and the service very friendly.

Salastrains, Via Salastrains 12, 7500 St. Moritz https://www.salastrains.ch

El Paradiso is another incredible mountain restaurant, where the view is second to none. Chose between the club restaurant, where a table can be reserved for a fee; or the sun terrace. Did I say that the view is stunning? The food is exceptional too. It can be reached easily from the slopes. If you are walking, then it’s a short walk from the chair lift.

El Paradiso, Via Engiadina, 7500 St. Moritz http://www.el-paradiso.ch

For your fancy evening meal, go the Chesa Veglia. It’s another institution in St. Moritz. They serve the most amazing pizza with truffles and the atmosphere is very, very cosy. It’s literally an old house and attracts many high profile visitors.

Chesa Veglia,  Via Veglia 2, 7500 St. Moritz Chesa Veglia

For a more relaxed and easy going meal, that however still taste delicious, go the Hotel Station in Pontresina, which is a town 10 minutes away from St. Moritz.

Hotel Station, Cuntschett 2, 7504 Pontresina Hotel Station Pontresina

Before you forget, for a chocolate treat pop into the Läderach in St. Moritz. More delicious treats await you there and you can also pick some nice chocolate to take home with you.

Läderach, Via Serlas 26, 7500 St. Moritz www.laederach.com





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