How to Achieve a Contemporary Chalet Chic Interior

Do you ever dream to escape to the mountains to an exclusive, luxury chalet?

Read on for some tips on how to bring some alpine glamour to your home this winter.

Bring the Outdoors In

Most chalets interiors take inspiration from the surrounding landscape.


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The typical image of a chalet brings to mind a welcoming home in the mountains with wood cladding, cosy soft furnishings, a fireplace, and ideally extra large windows that offer a view of the surrounding landscapes.

Not only do the chalets feature plenty of natural materials, mostly wood and stone, but they also bring in the outdoors in the form of a natural and organic interior scheme.


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In order to blur the line between outdoors and indoors it is important to get the colour palette absolutely right and to take inspiration from the nautural elements surrounding your home.

Use Natural Hues

Keep your colour scheme light with focus on the surrounding landscape.

To achieve cosy, but sophisticated look use natural hues with warming undertones, such as oak and honey beige, with soft creams and caramel browns.

Bring darker shades into the mix in the way of decorative accessories, from chestnut brown cushions on the sofa to stylish black coffee-table books, to create depth and interest.


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Add Texture

Texture and softness is another key feature of this look.

To achieve a sophisticated look and provide warmth use plenty of tactile elements to create a unified scheme.

As discussed above, keep to the natural based colour palette, but layer contrasting textures and different shades to inject life into the scheme. Neutral hues of beige, ivory, tan and brown blend seamlessly with the natural, earthy tones in the wood.

Use faux fur, leather, wool, velvet, suede and be generous with your throw cushions.


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Living Room

The living room should really be the focus of this scheme.

The sleek, clean lines of modern furniture fits surprisingly well with the backdrop of natural wood interiors.

Create an area that is suitable for relaxation and entertainment by adding a drinks trolley, numerous coffee table books, wooden board games.


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There isn’t one rule when it comes to accessories, so it’s possible to mix and match by adding eclectic accessories alongside more traditional elements that take inspiration from the local village.

Incorporate wildlife motifs, artwork or sculptures. Mount deer or elk antlers are often a popular choice.

Add candles to create a cosy & glowing atmosphere in an instant.

Throw in a few rustic or vintage elements to add charm, such as an old wooden chest for extra linen storage or antique lantern style wall fixtures.

To add a bit of sparkle use metallic finishing touches to add a cooling hint of glamour. Both the colour and gloss of mirrored metallic accessories will work well to offset the warming tones of the interior.

Image Credit here and here


Avoid the brightness of the LED lights. Soft lighting is key to create a cosy atmosphere.

Complement candles with a few carefully placed lamps, and if possible add a focus piece such as a chandelier.

Image source OneKindDesign here and here

What are your thoughts on this type of interior?



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