Chinos for Women: What to Wear with Chinos in Spring

This spring I bought three pairs of chinos to freshen up my wardrobe. My style is casual and as much as I love my skinny jeans, I feel it’s time to add some variety to my look and try something different. This is the type of situation where one has a cupboard full of clothes but nothing to wear.

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With the summer approaching fast, I started to spend more time outdoors with my daughter and prefer wearing a comfortable pair of pants that also looks more stylish then the usual pair of jeans that I’m used to wear.

Chinos have a casual charm and a slightly elegant touch; they’re versatile enough to allow the creation of balanced look that has class and attitude, which is exactly what I like:

Although chinos can be wide-leg or skinny, usually they are somewhere in between. They normally have slit pockets at hip level and tab pockets at the back. They should be hemmed or rolled to ankle length.

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Chinos are easy to wear every day. I love to wear them for a trip to the play ground, a shopping trip, a lunch with friends, a coffee with hubby, a trip to the museum etc. Chinos can be dressed up or worn completely casually and can suit any occasion including formal, semi-formal and casual.

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Chinos are made of cotton twill and are usually thin and quite lightweight, which makes them ideal for spring. The wider fit at the waist and inset means that they have a relaxed fit without being sloppy. The tapered leg elevates the pants to a smart casual level.

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What Colour Top To Wear with your Chinos

The easiest way to create a great look is to wear a top that is a slight variation on the colour of your chinos. This is the best way to create a polished look. For instance, beige chinos might work well with a dark brown top, or vice versa. If you are going for a casual look you can opt for a contrasting colour or a top with stripes

Because of their casual nature, t-shirts are not generally considered to match the aesthetic particularly well. Similarly, formal shirts and blazers are not very complimentary to this look, however it is down to individual preference.

Great choice in terms of shirt is a casual, button up shirt. It can be matched with a denim or leather jackets.

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What Shoes to Wear with Your Chinos

Chinos go well with high heels for a more formal and dressed up look; for a more relaxed style pair them with pumps and ballerina.

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Did you know that…

  • Chinos were originally designed as part of the light weight summer uniform for the military.
  • Khaki is the most popular colour for chinos and that word means “dust” in Hindi.


I hope you found the above gallery useful. I get inspired visually, which is why I enclosed so many images. If you are like me, check out my Pinterest gallery for more chinos outfits 😉

How do you like to wear your chinos?

What’s your favourite summer outfit?


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